Whatfs Banati ?




Ba means fire, Nati means stick, thus Banati means fire stick. It was fully developed in Orissa State especially around Puri.

Basicaly itfs a great demonstration at the very front of gSuchi Vuhah a Dhanurvedic formation of the battle field, showing its vigorous skill encourages friendly army. Once meeting to the front of enemy, selected fighters of Banati will come forward, then have a man to man duel just in front of all solders both enemy and friend demonstrate the braveness of each other.

At last when one has fallen down on the ground, then whole troops will set ahead, will mass battle start.

There were many variations of the item, the long stick with fire balls on both end for demonstration, long chain with heavy iron balls for real fight, but in Puri, long rope with fire balls on both side is mainly popular these days.

But research is not enough yet, please wait for a while for the detailed report

Its technique is just similar to stick rotating one, which is very common all over India, but instead of solid wooden stick, using soft rope makes its difficulty much more high.

Recently, the main stage of Banati is just for big parade demonstrating its tremendous techniques at the period of the Load Jaghannath festival. It looks like great street performance rather than martial arts nowadays.

Itfs also getting to be popular as a sports exercise among young students lately.


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