Whatfs Kushti ?




Kushti is the generic name of Indian traditional wrestling. It is practiced in dug out style square pit arena with sandy ground.

Every school set up the temple of Hanuman-Ji, as a guardian, which is the monky God in legend of Hindu religion, like Mahabharata.

The player wears traditional rapping pants Rangool like Sumo wrestler in Japan. But young generations tend to hesitate because of its appearance.

Its fighting styles are very similar to western wrestling. One can get win when he finish throwing opponent, make his back touch on the ground.

Like Judo, it has foot techniques and joint locking technique too.

Training system of that is also unique with rotating heavy unbalanced wooden bat called Mukdal, climbing long rope only by both hands, and so on. Of cause Mallakhamb is utilized as a basic menu, but just for exercise rather than the sports art

Squat, very basic exercise for all athletes was originated from Kushti training, thatfs why still the name of gHindu Squath remains.

Famous Pro wrestler Tiger Jett Sigh is also born of Kushti

Recently We have covered on NathdwaraARajasthan, and

Puri Orissa already, those are both Hindu pilgrim center, and Kushti has strong relations with temple.

Its area spread all over India, and Middle East, but lately

declining its popularity among young generations.

Its history will be traced back to more than 5000 years, much older than all kind of wrestling around the world.

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