Whatfs Paika Akara ?




Traditional martial arts system developed within the area of ancient Kalinga kingdom in Orissa State. Itfs still active around Bhubaneshwar, the State capital, Khurda, and Puri.

Before, it must be the integral martial system of the land like Kalarippayattu, but

its popularity is declining at all, and just standing on the edge of abandonment.

Some school or team is still in action, but its appearance looks like martial dance

rather than fighting system these days.

But Kalinga is very famous for its fighting spirits, in historical battle against the troop of the most crucial army lead by king Ashoka, and very last resistance against British colonization.

We should not ignore the great spirits and history of its glory.

I hope that central or state government will give enough support for preserving such kind of rich traditions as a cultural heritage.


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