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Pillayar Kovil Road, Kannur, 670001, Kerala, India

Ph: 0497-2768178





C. Mohammed Sherif Gurukkal  (photo top right side)      mail


Young Japanese women who is studying Ayurveda in Gujarat Univ. comes

constantly to this kalari for studying advanced treatments, and practice

kalaripayattu on each school holidays. (Photo top left). And there were 2

foreign students from Germany at the time of interview, having relaxed time

and enjoying both kalaripatattu and vacation.

Master Sherif is very cool as a scholar of kalarippayattu, but very heart

warming in friend ship


This kalari is purely for foreigners with Kalari vacation program. Staying at

cool cottage, practice in private kalari under man-to-man teaching with

sending there by car. Practice will take place every morning and evening

except holiday. You can take a swim always as you wish in the beach just

near by the cottage.

Whole budget for stay is absolutely luxury due to its quality.

For the detail, contact with the office.


Take city bus from in front of Kannur railway station toward Palliyamoola Beach, then get down bus and walk 5 minute. Or just take rikshow from same station to Palliyamoola junction, ride 30 minute takes about 50Rs.

Sree Bharat Kalari


c/o Shakti Bhavan,Post Chirakkal, Kannur 670011 Kerala, India





S.R.D.Prasad Gurukkal                                    mail


Established by Chirakkal T.Sreedharan Nair Gurukkal in 1948.

Now, Prasad Gurukkal is in charge as chief instructor. Contrary to above,

this kalari is purely for local students, many children had come for practice

at the time of the interview.

Prasad Master can speak English well, and has much knowledge about

history and technical term of Kalaripayattu.


There is no rooms for foreign Guest, so you should stay at city and come for practice each times. For staying Kannur city, “Centaur Tourist Home” 175R / Single, is recommendable.

About the detail, ask Gurukkal directly.


From Kannur city, take local bus toward Talipparamba, get down the bus at

Chirakkal Junction, then walk for a while.


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