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C.V.N Kerala Kalari Sangam


S.Ram Swamy Temple East Nada Thiruvangad Thalassery 670103 Kerala India





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C.V.Devadas Gurukkal  photo bottom left, with his wife


C.V. Narayanan Nair Gurukkal established this kalari in 1926, as the

first kalari with the name of C.V.N.Nair. Grand father of Devadas

Gurukkal is the younger brother of C.V.N.Nair.

After unfortunate car accident, Devadas Gurukkal has retired from kalari teaching and concentrate on kalari treatment as a local doctor. Now Mr. Vijesh, best diciple of the Guru, is teaching kalarippayattu, and his teaching method and performance are absolutely high.


Staying at the house of Devadas Gurukkal which is hundreds years old traditional Keralan architecture made of wood, having Keralan dishes of home made, sometimes taking massage and sightseeing tours. Include everything, budget is greatly high compared with others, but quality is pretty good, and you can taste not only kalaripayattu, but also rich flavor of real traditional kerala culture in home stay mood. Just near to Gurukkal’s house there is the birth place of C.V.N. Nair, where he was born, and practiced.


Take a south bound city bus, get down at Annyodi junction, walk

toward famous Sri Ram Swami Temple, turn to the left in front of the

temple, then you can reach The Kalari. The office & house of Gurukkal

is near to the kalari, but little in backside, so take rickshow is mostly

easy and quick

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Kuzhipangad, Chirakkara, Thalassery, Kannur, 670104, Kerala, India


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K.Viswanathan Gurukkal  (photo bottom left)        mail


You can learn both northern and southern style here, with rich variety of locks and joint technique. The quality of weaponries especially long stick technique is dominant. Meipayattu is also in high level

Vishwanathan Gurukkal practiced another martial arts like Karate,

has practical sense for real combat. He can’t speak English fluently, but

has accepted many foreign students in the past,.

This winter in 2007, I enjoyed interview with friendly Gurukkal and

his disciples, could take many good photos. Thanks a lot for that.


Monthly fee is 6000Rs for 3 month, and 3000Rs for short period of 1month. There is no guest room, so you will stay in the city, and come to kalari for each class. In Thalassery town, several budget hotels are available between old and new bus stand. Paris Lodge120Rs/Single is recommendable.


It takes about 1 hour to Talassery new bus stand from Kannur by local

bus. On the way of that, scenery from window is plenty of beauty. From

new bus stand, take auto rikshow to the kalari, the charge is just by

meter in this town.

To Kannur, frequent buses are avairable from MangaloreMysore, Calicut, Kochin. Direct bus from Calicut to Thalassery is avairable too.


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