The one the 4 biggest holy towns of Hindu Dharma where Kumbmela is held once in 12 years.


5 hours by bus from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh State. 2 hours by bus from Indore. 7 hours by train from Udaipur of Rajasthan State.


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@@@@@@@Achutanand Guru Akhara@@@@Youtube


Yogipura, Ram Ghat, Ujjain, Madyapradesh


Vasi Dev Dakary Guru ji


From 7C8 years old to 40fs, wide range of generations are practicing.

The club members are more than 200 numbers. It has modern weight training gym, Olympic standard arena, and traditional style arena and exercise gears. Itfs perfect environment for Kushti training. As usual in India, young generation has great energy for their future.


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