Whatfs India ?


Since 13 years, I have traveled India so many times. But still now, I canft explain what is India exactly.

Actually, India has many aspects and faces, so we canft express it in short word.

But if we have focused on some limited area deep inside India, then She will show us great deal of cultural richness.

To focus on the rich heritages of martial arts, the project of this website is one of such trials toward India.


There were so many genius-like achievements by India in many fields. For example, the concept of@gZeroh was discovered by Indian mathematician, and game Chess and Go were created in India at first. Some scholar says that very source of iron civilization was originated in India.

But most efficient talent Indian people have realized was its spirituality of course.

Since before Ifm Buddhist practicing its meditation in both Zen of Mahayana school and Vipassana of Therawada school. Thatfs why, at first India is the great mother country of Buddhism for me.

In the history of Buddhism India has delivered countless number of great person like Buddha himself, King Ashoka, Nagarjuna, Bodhi Dharma, etc.

Apart from Buddhism, there also were many many great personalities in spiritual field like Rama Krishna, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharishi, Tagore, Mahathma Gandhi, Shankara Acharya, and so on.

For people of the world, India is most dominant and respectable country as the great spiritual source.

See the national flag of India, there is a Dharma Chakra seated on the very center of it.

I think that it symbolizes the great ambition of India to realize the idea of Dharma Chakra, realization of the highest goal of spirituality. It was the great declaration of the All-India National Congress Party at the time of independence. The nation India was born as a land of Dharma Chakra.


But now, everything has changed dramatically.

Everybody follows the value of materialism nowadays in India. Money, social status, luxury car and house, electric products, rich food, drink, and so on.

It seems that everybody has forgotten about the idea of Dharma Chakra.

Before, India was always keeping enough distance from western sense of value and its scheme of globalization. Because the first wave of globalization was just colonization by European, and India had to have much suffering by the movements.

Since then, India has established very critical view point upon western civilization.

In spite of that, India seems to have forgotten such historical lesson, and just following the western sense of values, merely materialism and self centered desire.

Ifm really worried about such kind of trend these days.

Because I love and respect India, so I must give her candid opinion.


In the middle of 21st century, India will be one of the biggest powers in the world, politically and economically, in military field and in the aspect of environmental problem. She must be the great leading country of the world.

If Indian people has no correct navigation and philosophy, just follows the material desires, then what will be happen in the world ?

I think India should return to its own glorious past and wisdom in spiritual sense.


Basically the concept of Dharma Chakra was derived from Hindu and Buddhist tradition, but itfs absolutely universal rather than sectarian.

Itfs open for every religion includes monotheism like Christian and Islam.

Because the driver of the Chakra is the God itself. Without will of the God, Chakra will never rotate forever. Buddha has never mentioned about the God, but it is clear that there should be a gengineh for the system, or a gdriverh for the car.


Dharma Chakra is the symbol of the nation India, glory of the Buddha, the wisdom of Hindu Veda , and the Supreme power of the God.

With such concept, I would like to promote Stick Rotating Technique, which is really embodying an appearance of rotating Dharma Chakra itself. I guess, thatfs why it was popularized widely all over India.

Itfs very effective bodily exercise both for youth and adult. Also good for mental concentration and spiritual prayer.


I call it gDharma Chakra Driveh or gBharatia Stick Arth.


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