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Thank you very much for visiting the website of

gSangam Institute of Indian Martial Artsh

Ifm a manager, Satoru T.


SANGAM is the non profit organization established for promoting international cultural exchange through martial arts practice in grass roots level. We are now trying to take government registration in Japan. Its activities are specialized for sending the information of Indian martial arts on the web to people all over the world.


As mentioned in other pages, Indian martial arts have given much influence on Asian culture and martial arts, technically, ideologically, and religiously in the history.  In spite of that, its fame and popularity are very less than other Asian martial arts like Karate, Judo and Kung-fu.


We wish that through the activity of SANGAM Institute, the importance of Indian martial arts will be recognized by martial arts enthusiast all over the world, and someday, many young generations will take part in real practice, make great bridge over the cultural gap between India and abroad.


All contents in the site are the real information from my direct

experiences in India Thatfs why every gcommenth is just

personal opinion, but nothing more.


Basically all photograph was taken by myself, but very few pieces are presented by Master.

The real feature of Indian martial arts are not well known by

people, so we will emphasize to show the visual images of photos

and videos.


The contents on the site are derived from several@researches done

in the period from November 2005 to March 2008.

Every data include price is always changing, so please reconfirm

those information by direct enquire to the schools before you@visit


We will do the best about correctness of the data, but you should know that nobody is perfect in this world !


If you would like to make contact with us in relation of Indian martial arts, please send us e-mail with your name and address.


Personally, I would like to introduce stick rotating technique. Among many kinds of other techniques, itfs some kind of a common language of all over India, and has much benefit not only for bodily growth and health, but also for every kind of athletes as a basic exercise.

I call it gDharma Chakra Driveh or gBharatia Stick Arth, with its historical back ground. I suppose that the technique was popularized all over India with Buddhist movement because of its feature symbolizes the Dharma Chakra Rotation which was the very symbol of Buddha himself and important idea of  Hindu too.(Thatfs why, Dharma Chakra is set in the center of Indian national flag nowadays)

If somebody interested, please send me e-mail.


In Hindi, it means

the holy land where

two great rivers meet



In Tamil, it means

school where keen

learners meet



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