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ACARS decoding software KG-ACARS is the First and Most Popular freeware of its kind in Japan !

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Main Screen of KG-ACARS        Database-manager for easy data update

   This software allows displaying text messages and flight data including its position, registration, weather conditions, flight level, images and much more on your PC screen by receiving ACARS signals using up to 2 wide-band receivers for full-time dual-channel receive.  No decoder device is needed as the signals are processed in the sound-device of your PC, and a connection requires only a commonly available audio cable between PCs audio input and a receivers earphone plug. Easy-to-use DBM (database manager) tool enables the update of flights, equipment info, name of airports and more.

    Already have air-band receiver(s) capable of receiving 130MHz range in AM ? Being interested in aviation and spotting ? Then just tune to one of your local ACARS frequencies. If it receives data-signals, all you need is a PC, simple monoral 3.5mm audio-cable and 10 minutes of time to start enjoying the wonderful world of ACARS decoding !

Popular ACARS frequencies in MHz:

131.550 Primary Channel worldwide

129.125 / 130.025 / 130.425 / 130.450 / 131.125 / 131.475 / 136.700 / 136.750 / 136.800 / 136.850 for USA & Canada

131.250 / 131.450 / 131.950  for Japan

131.450 for China

131.525 / 131.725 / 131.850 / 136.750 / 136.900 for Europe

   KG-ACARS' excellent features including:

   * Easy installation, no tuning is needed * Works with most receivers * IP connection feature to share the data with other users  * Simple user interface           * Database Manager, Map-maker and Air-route drawing tools are included to customize and update your data * Absolutely free to use

   KG-ACARS' personalization and user-updates, ideal for spotters' database keeping purposes:
   Unlike server-based ACARS decoders that indicates data on a list right away, you must "WORK" to make KG-ACARS works for you.  With KG-ACARS you    can create your own enroute-chart on the PC screen, show best-shot images of the ships you photographed, alert when airplanes of your preference are    flying over your area, show names of airlines as you like may be using aviation-radio callsign...yes, it may take some time to gather and input those necessary    information to your data files, but perhaps such process may be the most fun part and that's why Japanese aviation fans found KG-ACARS the most    interesting software of its kind!

    SCREEN : * Map * NAV locations including airports/VOR/NDB/VORTAC/waypoints and 4 more user-defined points such as home, mountains, etc                    * Ground uplink station names  * Air-routes (NDB/VOR/RNAV selectable)  * Alerts when airplanes you like are received

    DATABASE: * Flights (Dept/Dest airports & Remarks) * Aircraft registration * Air-company names * Air-company codes * Images of equipment

   System Requirements to run KG-ACARS

   * PC with Windows OS except Windows 95/CE. Windows 2000 or newer OS is strongly recommended as some restrictions may apply to older OS's.            Pentium3/600MHz or higher spec CPU. Memory: 512MByte or more. Display: 1024x768pxcel or higher / 32bit color   
   * Working sound device.
22 KHz recording sampling compatible. USB sound-card usable.
   * Up to 2 wideband-receiver with external antennas and an audio cable for connection to your PC's Line-in or a Mic port.
   * An internet connection to fully enjoy the features.

       004_07p.jpg     586496.jpg   ama_5_1_4.jpg

    Typical images of required receivers, audio-cables and antennas to run KG-ACARS..

Not sure yet if this software is really interesting and worth trying? Just enter one of popular free ACARS decoder software names as a keyword in a search engine and see the number of hits, then compare it with KG-ACARS's. Convinced? It's definitely the #1 ACARS decoder freeware used in Japan, isn't it?  If they like it, why not YOU? Why this software is free? Because the author K.G, a professional RF engineer, is an amateur aviation enthusiast/photographer just like us and wanted to share his toy with other aviation fans, that's all. No spyware, no other fishing stuff, no registration at all to use this software so feel free to take a closer look by downloading it. No risk anyway, if you don't like it, just delete the downloaded file, no mess with registries!

 KG-ACARS all rights reserved by K.G / 2006. DBM all rights reserved by BINMEI/2008.This is a freeware and all freeware users' common liabilities apply to KG-ACARS also. This site has been created and maintained by VORDME CUE under authorization of  the author.  All  contents of  KG-ACARSand tools are freeware and may not be used, recompiled, interpretted, or distributed for any purpose without the express written consent of the author. A commercial use of any/all contents herein are strictly  prohibited. Microsoft is a registered trade name of Microsoft Corporation.Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista are registered trade names of Microsoft Corporation.  It is known that some devices including receivers, PC and sound-devices are not working with this software properly and either K.G, BINMEI or VORDEM CUE is not responsible in such events.

       Click here to Download KG-ACARS ver 1.1.0
  (interface in Japanese with English Instructions. Necessary tools and some sample data are included / ZIP file 3.2MB)

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