楽しい海外旅行への心構え パート2

Preparation for an IMPRESSIVE TRIP, Part II                                                            Tomoko



My 21 times changing apartments in these years tells me Preparation for an IMPRESSIVE TRIP, Part II.

  自説「旅行を楽しむための3ケ条」Three theories of  "how to make a tour more enjoyable"  

                                             体力 Stamina (Physically and Mentally 肉体的な体力と、精神的な気力)


                                             集中力 Concentration(ガイドさんのお話を聞くのも、お買い物も、睡眠も集中力だと思います。

                                                           For example, listening to the talks of tour guides, shopping, sleeping, and all the rest in life )


                                                     笑顔 Smile笑顔の魅力、魔力、威力。笑顔で、問題になりそうなことが問題にならなかったりします。

                                         Smile is attractive and powerful.  It is a Magic that can solve almost all problems.

★ この3ケ条は、おそらく、どこの世界(会社)でも通用すると思います。

          補足A. 自説「迷ったら買う、GO、YES」買った後悔よりも買わなかった後悔のほうが大きい。




P.S. /A. " If you are hesitated to buy or do something, just simply do it.  Go for it."  It is often said that a regret of buying goods is much less than a regret of not buying goods.  Money will follow after you, however, Time will never follow after you.   Please make your time effective.  Also, when you buy something, it is important to take a photo of the thing for back up, because in case you lose the thing, you can still have the photo of the thing, and the photo will last forever.

          補足B. 写真と、お買い物は、たくさんしましょう! その一瞬のお写真は、生涯、もう二度と撮れ



P.S./ B. Taking photos and shopping as many as possible !  The scenery are changing every second.  It is very difficult to take the same photo again in the life time.  Please keep in mind that every moment of taking photo will never come back again.  Photos and Shopping are the only second precious visible things that prove you are now travelling, and that last visibly forever in your life.



and, what you might better to study when you travel a country or a city for the first time...


 ,修旅颪領鮖法 覆△詢鮖砲寮萓犬おっしゃっていました。今を知るためには、過去を知ろう!と。)

        History of the country (A history teacher once told me that we needed to study the past in order to get to know the present.)


◆\こγ詫 (その国、町が、世界地図の中のどこに位置しているか。当然、宿泊先のホテルの位置プラス、施設内容も、事前に調べておきます。


     World Geography (Where is the country or the town located in the world map?  Of course, you need to check where you stay and

        what amenities there are in a room.  When you go there, a road map is sold around 7~10 Euro. If you are interested in which roads

        you are taking, it is very good that you can mark them during a tour.





      Brush up your inspiration, instinct, or your so-called six sense.

        Well, it is difficult. Maybe practice makes you better.  Five senses such as See, Hear, Smell... plus one more, that is the six sense.

        With/Through this sense, please experience the real, genuine things as many /much as possible, and brush up your inspiration !!


    以上、ご参考までに。 These are all for your references. 


Please refer to Part I, Part II and Part III.








PART II (パート2) How to Make a Tour More Enjoyable(転居21回の生活から学んだ旅行を楽しむための3ケ条)


PART III (パート3LINKS(現地情報収集他) 


Please have a nice & safe trip ! 






Biography = Profile     



 (宜しければ、  facebookの基本データと、 アメブロのプロフィールも合わせてご覧ください。)





                                                                  Life is traveling for experiencing nice flights, beautiful sky and friendship.  




My eternal love, Airplanes, and longing for the beautiful Sky, and




A heart-beating moment of take off, a comfortable moment of touch down, and a nice flight,


(ある外資系キャプテンの言葉)a captain from a European airlines says,


Enjoy your movie, your meal, and your flight!






searching for wonderful coincidences (meeting people, scenery, food, shopping etc.) 




Today again,  I will fly in the sky with

" Appreciation, Impression, and Stimulation "  in my mind.   












   ◆日本航空 羽田空港 旅客部 グランドスタッフ

       (Japan Airlines Ground Staff, Tokyo Haneda Airport)


  ◆キャセイ・パシフィック航空会社 キャビン・アテンダント(スチュワーデスになることが初心、夢。特に、JALの国際線)

                                              (Pacific Airways Cabin Attendant, Hong Kong Base)





 ◆沖縄の旅行会社内勤 予約、手配、発券

     (Travel Agent, Japanese Travel agency,  in Okinawa)


  ◆沖縄米軍基地内の米系旅行会社内勤  予約、手配、発券

     (Travel Agent, American Travel agency on the U.S. military bases in Okinawa)



日本 米軍基地内のアメリカの大学 学士号取得 英語・英文学専攻  (Bachelor of Arts in ENGLISH)



I've got BA in English, however, I have no confidence in my English.  I am sorry.


The University for mainly U.S. military personnel & their dependants on the U.S. military bases in Japan.












A Long Way to Graduation 11 years


The first enrollment was in August. 1995 in Okinawa.  There, I took regular courses until December 1997. Although, I still had to earn  27 credits, 9 courses to get B.A., big battles, well, very very big fights, almost every day with my ex Marine Corps, ex German-Poland American husband and moving apartments made me give up studying any longer.


Then, after 8 years absence, while working as a tour leader, in January. 2005, I decided to purse for B.A. again, by taking on line courses including mid-term exams on line, and by going on bases to take final proctored exams every three month.


Finally, I graduated in August 2006, and was able to attend a formal Commencement ceremony in Okinawa in June 2007. Japanese graduates are about 3% of total graduates every year.  Almost all Japanese graduates are on SOFA status (dependants) or workers on bases.  


I would like to continue studying Psychology master course, however, I can not afford to pay for the tuition fees, which are about three times higher than SOFA status.  But, life time studying is very important, isn't it?     







  ◆地元リゾートホテル フロント、予約、手配、配膳

                  (Receptionist, Reservation Staff and Banquet waitress at local Resort Hotel, home town)









     ◆外資系 (東南アジア) 航空会社2社 客室乗務員研修&乗務

                  (Flight attendant trainings & domestic flights for 4 months in Jakarta, and 4 months in Bangkok)






       (Tour leader, Tokyo Narita Airport)


This is not my dream at all, however, strangely, I have been working as a tour leader more than any other previous jobs. 












2006年の学士号卒業生は、日本の全基地で、493人(BS425人、BA68人。うち、日本人BS15人 BA3人。)BA離れが目立ちます。日本人卒業生は、ほとんど軍人家族か、基地内軍雇用員。





                        ★ 大学で習った心理学が意外と役に立つ


Psychology that I had learned at university as a secondary works incredibly well at my present workplace.


Ms. Susan C. Aldridge in a blue gown is a president of the university.






◆ 勝手ながら、もう少し、自己紹介をさせていただきます。


Well, I will introduce myself a little bit more, please be patient !




My Travel Life (since 1988  Old passport & Present passport)





◆飛行機で入国の場合は、飛行機のマークが、電車で入国の場合(P.17)は、電車のマークが、また、車で入国の場合(P.25 P.30)は、


The color of embark/disembark validation stamps have been changed from black to blue.  In Europe, Euro has induced in many EU union countries  since January 2002, and validation stamps has been unified in rectangular style.  On the left top of the validation stamp, it shows the country's initial where you embark, and on the left bottom, it shows an arrow which points the right, means embankment, and the left, disembarkment.  Whereas, on the right top, it shows what transportation you embark.  For instances, if transportation is an airplane, you can see the mark of airplanes everywhere, if it is a train, you can find the mark of a pretty train on P.17 below.  If it is a car,  you can find small cars on P.25 & P.30.


但し、現在、イギリスやアイルランドを除き、主なヨーロッパの国々は、1985年にルクセンブルクにて調印されたシェンゲン協定 (Schengen agreement)とはヨーロッパ各国において、共通の出入国管理政策及び国境システムを可能にする取り決め。アイルランドイギリスを除く全てのEU加盟国及び、EUに非加盟であるアイスランドノルウェースイスの計28ヶ国が協定に調印し、そのうち24ヶ国が施行)に加盟しているため、経由便の場合、通常、日本から到着する最初のヨーロッパの国で入国、そして、ヨーロッパを経つ最初の国で出国になります。加盟国の出入国審査は、非常に簡素化され、パスポートと搭乗券・航空券だけを見て、スタンプを省略される場合が、多くなってきました。



Unfortunately or not, for now, except U.K. and Ireland, almost all main European countries, 28 countries have signed Shengen agreement, which was first signed in Luxembourg in 1985, and in 24 countries, we can go in and out between borders without passport control . Therefore, we can normally embark and disembark at the first port in Europe.  Since last December, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary have signed a Shengen agreement, and have followed no validations necessary on land travels in borders, and since this March, in these countries, no validations have been necessary for air travels too.  Neither have Poland, Slovenia, Balt, and Malta.  Switzerland have also signed a Shengen agreement, and have followed no validations necessary for air travels.


Passport control is now getting easier than before. They just look at the first page and a boarding pass, and let us go without a validation stamp.  If you want a validation stamp, please ask them that you want it, but even if you do so, some immigration officers do not put a validation stamp.  So, please have your copy of E ticket itineray with you for certifying that you actually went abroad.

◆ 趣味  My Hobbies




      仕事外(OFF DUTY)で乗りたいクルーは、空席がある限りスタンバイチケットで乗りますが、



               コックピットの窓から、正面一面に広がる夜の滑走路、絶句でした。 赤、青、緑、黄色のライトです。    




◆写真 (トップページから今までに訪問した世界の国々の写真をご覧下さい。)


◆買い物 (25年以上、ルイ・ヴィトンの愛好家です。)



 Hobbies:  Taking airplanes as many times as possible, and Watching airplanes' take offs and landings at airport.  

                        *** RUNWAY at night is marvelous!***                                                                 

Swimming, Walking & Running

Photo collection           

Shopping Louis Vuitton (25年以上前より愛用) 




フォーマルにもカジュアルにも合うと思っています。モノトーンが美しい。コレクターと化しています。下記写真は、最近のコレクションから(パリのページにも掲載)。約3年に1度、買ってきましたが、名刺入れは、チェコのプラハのホテル部屋内に置いてきて、(置いてきたものと全く同じものを買うのは心が痛むため)、その後、 カード入れを買って名刺を入れていましたが、今度は、パリのタクシー内に置いてきたため、もう、しばらく買わないことにしました。2年近く買いませんでした。しかし、ないと不便なため、2009年6月、また、買ってしまいました。


名刺入れ、続いてカード入れと買っては置いてきたため、初心に戻り、名刺入れを買ったのですが、よく見ると、名刺入れは、"Made in Spain"となっていました。びっくり!急いで、買った支店に電話して、"Made in France "の名刺入れはないのか、確認。なかなか電話に出ない上に、このことを知らない店員もいました。 時間が大切ですので、腑に落ちないまま、本店に電話。本店の店員さんは、熟知していて、最近のヴィトンの小物の一部は、スペインで生産されている とのこと。倉庫のストックを探しても、どこの店舗で探しても、"Made in France "の名刺入れは、今や、ないとのこと。そういえば、気のせいか、皮の香りが私には、いつものなじみの香りと少し違うように感じました。

(注意: 買ってみて初めてわかりましたが、スペイン産でも、フランスでの技術が、正確に伝授されて生産されていますので、今までと変わらない優秀なブランド品です。ご安心下さい。)


 ご存知でしたか?よくご覧下さいませ。ルイ・ヴィトンの名刺入れは、現在、全て、"Made in Spain"となっています。

 3,4年前に買った時は、確かに、"Made in France "でしたが。

My favorite brand is Louis Vuitton, only Louis Vuitton  for 20 years.  Especially, Monotone is my favorite.  I have become a Louis Vuitton collector.

Here are some bags that I have recently bought.  Beautiful !  But, As I lost  Louis Vuitton business card holders twice, maybe I left it in my hotel room in Praha,

and in a taxi in Paris, I have decided not to buy them again.  But, I bought a new business card holder again in June, 2009.  


You never know if you do not buy Louis Vuitton small brands. Nowadays, there are some small Louis Vuitton brands which are "Made in Spain" !  

I can physically tell the difference between "Made in France" and "Made in Spain" by its smell.  

A Vuitton Staff told me that they would produce more small brands in Spain in the near future.

She also told me that "Made in Spain" brands were also very excellent.  I agree with her on that.


About every three years, I buy Louis Vuitton brands.  However, it might be better to think about saving money instead.

Saving money or shopping Louis Vuitton?  It is a very difficult question for me now.


2011年 秋の新作 ルイ・ヴィトン ヴェルニ (アルマは、このブレアよりやや小) (2011.10.1購入)









そして、2013年2月5日、新作 スピーディ・ハンドリエール25の赤を購入。凝りないバッグ好き。


本当、もうこれで、最後にします。 宣言 (^O^)




ヴィトンのバッグの新作も、年々、値段が上昇しています (^^; (^_^;) (ーー;) それでも、フランスで買うのがお得★

















◆ 番外編 Pet  一番最後に飼っていたねこ(名前:ミーコ まだ、子猫の時の写真)


Here is my cat, named Miiko.  She was born in front of my apartment, could not move, and cried the whole night with a loud voice.  So, I decided to feed her and raise her up in my friend's house.  The day I took this photo was the long distance driving day in Okinawa, Southernmost Japan.

She was very scared of the sea, and this maybe made her to throw up at the back seat of my lovely and important Nissan Cefiro.  She was the first and the last who thew up in my car, but she was always very humorous and CUTE !  





                                                                                    Thank you very much for visitng my website & reading my long essay.